General Engineering


Turmec’s General Engineering Division has a long established reputation for the manufacture of high quality products across a wide range of industrial sectors including mining, power generation, construction, marine and environmental. Turmec is well respected within the engineering industry and this is evident from the pedigree and stature of its customer base which includes large multinationals and various semi-state bodies.


All products are manufactured according to our customers precise specifications and requirements. This may involve the input of our highly qualified engineering team at the design stage or we may work from detailed design schematics supplied by our customers. In some situations, where an existing product requires improvement or development, a combination of both methodologies is required.

The scale and complexity of the projects undertaken by Turmec varies widely. The following examples give an indication of the variety and specialisation involved:

Static structural steel elements

–  Walkways, stairs and support frameworks

–  All Types of Fencing incl stainless steel

–  Power generation sub-station structures & pylons

Large mechanical components and devices

–  Transportation and Handling of materials and aggregates,

materials include: Zinc, Aluminum Ore , Peat, Cement & Chemical Fertilizers

– Waste water-treatment systems

Marine and Aquaculture Equipment

– Off shore Buoys, Fish farm equipment including Fish Cages, Netwasher’s & Feed Rafts

Highly Specialised / Complex

– Thermo-Mechanical waste to energy systems


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