Case Studies > Bingo Hybrid Dry & Wet Recycling Plant


Year: 2019
C&D / C&I
8,000 hrs p.a.
150 tonnes p.h.
450,000 tonnes p.a.

Location: Patons Lane RRC, Orchard Hill, NWS
Country: Australia
Project Type: Turnkey

BINGO is a fully integrated recycling and waste management company, providing solutions across the entire waste management supply chain including collection, processing, separation, recycling and disposal. BINGO employs over 800 staff who manage and operate a fleet of over 250 vehicles servicing more than 18,000 customers each year throughout their network of resource recovery and recycling centres across NSW and Victoria.

The Challenge

The biggest challenges were to integrate dry and wet processes indoors, considering they would normally run separately – indoors and outdoors respectively -, and to get the two systems working in harmony for the first time in history; with this, the client could remove the fines’ contamination, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and produce 5 different grades of certified aggregate at the end of the process.

Both dry and wet processes have been tried and tested on their own but never together, Turmec has combined the two for the first time, in a partnership with McCloskey International to, once again, provide our client with the best possible recycling solution for their needs.


Turmec’s solution was to innovate and design the first hybrid dry and wet recycling plant in the world so it could process fines at the capacity needed, making sure all the fines were clean and clear of impurities, ready to go straight to the end user immediately, which cuts down on reprocessing costs and traffic movements.

With this innovative process, at first the dry fines and contamination are separated, and the remaining materials are sent to the wash section of the plant. There, silt and sand are removed, and the remaining material is screened to produce five aggregate fractions.

All these are then passed over optical separator technology to remove any remaining non-inert material, and then they undergo a ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovery.

Fully operating, the state-of-the-art plant will be capable of processing 150 tonnes of 0-60mm fines material per hour, producing 5 different grades of certified aggregate, that can be reused in the marketplace, reducing the need for raw materials.


    The outcome of this project was the design and delivery of a bespoke system, specific to the client’s site and their requirements.

    The ground-breaking, bespoke plant for BINGO Industries, has been delivered and is matching, if not exceeding everyone’s expectations.

    BINGO’s plant is due to come on stream in two phases: the first, with install taking 8 weeks and commissioning scheduled for 2 weeks in December, and full operations planned for the first quarter of 2020.

    “This project is a landmark project not only for us both also for Bingo. This facility is the first of its kind in the world and we are merging technologies to give us new recycling solutions. We are using dry processing, washing and then optical and x-ray technologies to help us produce world-class products that can be reused in the marketplace, reducing the need for raw materials,” said Brian Thornton, CEO of Turmec.