Case Studies > Derwen Recycling Plant


Year: 2013
C&D / C&I
4,000 hrs p.a.
2530 tonnes p.h.
100,000 tonnes p.a.

Location: Neath
Country: GB
Project Type: Turnkey

Derwen Group, located in Neath Abbey, South West Wales, offers a range of recycling and waste management solutions. It is the only one of its kind in south wales, running since 1995, processing C&D and C&I materials.

The Challenge

Following developments in 2012, Derwen needed a new processing facility. The plant was to sort a mixture of predominately C&I with C&D waste. As a result of new waste contracts, the plant was required to be versatile and able to process a large variety of waste types.


Turmec carefully designed & built the custom fit, bespoke plant for Derwen.

The plant was designed in phases with phase 1 was built in 2013 and phase 2 carefully included in the original design so that a future retrofit would be easily carried out.

Phase 1, explored in this case study, consisted of:

  • Primary Sizer
  • Long parts separator;
  • Overband magnets;
  • Trommel Screen;
  • Fines Clean up line, including a secondary fines screen and air density separator;
  • Air Density separation to separate the waste into more manageable streams;
  • And Manual picking stations.


Following the commissioning of the plant, Derwen could easily understand what recyclates were present in their waste and, as a result, the design of phase 2 commenced 12 months later.

This plant allowed Derwen to expand their business and gave several other local waste companies a place to bring their materials, instead of landfilling or travelling long distances to recycle elsewhere.

The products recovered from the plant are:

  • 0 – 10mm fines
  • 10 – 60mm Aggregates
  • 60 + Hardcore
  • Shredded & unshredded Timber
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non-ferrous Metals
  • Plastic film
  • Paper and Card