A new energy-from-waste plant has been equipped with systems designed and built by Turmec to handle and process bottom ash.

The state-of-the-art UK facility will process 190,000 tonnes of municipal waste a year when fully operational, exporting around 14.5MW of energy to the national grid.

Incinerating waste to recover energy results in large volumes of ash beneath the furnace; this residue will also be diverted from landfill and put to constructive use as a result of the investment in Turmec’s technology.

An intricate system was required to collect and transport the incinerator bottom ash (IBA) efficiently using a tailored shuttling conveyor belt. This can discharge the ash in any section of the plant’s drying bays, where it’s stored until dry. The ash is then fed through the treatment plant, which comprises conveyors, scalping screens, a trommel screen, magnets, eddy current and the multiple bay storage conveyor system.

Recovered ferrous metals will be recycled, while the processed IBA can be used as a sustainable aggregate in earthworks, pavements, asphalt and other construction applications. The project is now entering the wet commissioning stage, with full production expected within weeks.

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