Case Studies > Pinden C&D / C&I Plant


Year: 2015
C&D / C&I
2,000 hrs p.a.
60 tonnes p.h.
12,000 tonnes p.a.
Pinden C&D and C&! Facility

Location: Dartford
Country: GB
Project Type: Upgrade

Pinden Recycling, based in Dartford, England, is the largest waste recycling operations in the South East serving the areas of Kent, Essex and London. Pinden Ltd is committed to sustainable waste management and their recycling operations include wood, hardcore, green waste and environmental recycling.

The Challenge

Pinden was running two systems in the existing line, heavies and lights, doubling everything – they had a machine feeding each line, and picking stations on each line positively picking the waste, so the amount of manual labour needed was quite significant.


Turmec proposed a nearly fully automated system, quality controlling the recovered materials which are automatically segregated from the waste using state-of-art machinery rather than positively picking each product by hand.

Among the machinery used we have:

  • Mesto primary sizer
  • IFE screens and magnets
  • Nihot air density separators


    Turmec installed a semi-automated system that reduces the need of manual sorting and the labour cost, more than doubling the input of waste through the plant while operating more efficiently, increasing recovery rates and producing a higher quality RDF fraction.

    The recovered materials include:

    • Hardcore
    • Aggregate
    • 0-10mm Soils
    • Timber
    • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
    • Ridged plastics