Case Studies > Pinden RDF Refinement Line


Year: 2017
C&D/ C&I - RDF Refinement
2,000 hrs p.a.
20 tonnes p.h.
4,000 tonnes p.a.
Pinden RDF Refinement Line

Location: Dartford
Country: GB
Project Type: Upgrade

Pinden Recycling, based in Dartford, England, is the largest waste recycling operations in the South East serving the areas of Kent, Essex and London. Pinden Ltd is committed to sustainable waste management and their recycling operations include wood, hardcore, green waste and environmental recycling.

The Challenge

To take the RDF from the original plant built by Turmec in 2015 and refine it to a higher quality material, shredding it down to sub 100mm.

Pinden RDF Refinement Line


To achieve the sub 100mm shredding refinement Pinden was looking for, Turmec proposed introducing a secondary shredder to reduce the 400mm RDF to the desired size of sub 100mm, as well as over band magnets that would recover any remaining ferrous fraction and a screening process to further refine the RDF before its baled and exported.

An industrial mobile shredder was installed to facilitate this process and to help refining the RDF line so that higher quality fines could be recovered.


    By increasing the quality of the RDF, the client could source more economic outlets and a better value for the material, increasing their recycling rates and reducing their costs.