Case Studies > Powerday – C&D Upgrade


4,000 hrs p.a.
35 tonnes
140,000 tonnes p.a.
245m sq.

Location: West London
Country: GB
Project Type: Plant Upgrade

Powerday, based in 3 locations in London – Willesden, Brixton and Enfield – is the leading waste management company for London, combining the latest technology, with over 30 years of experience as a family run business.

Powerday provides a broad range of services, including Recycling & Transfer Stations, Construction Waste Recycling and Demolition Waste Recycling, to name a few.

Powerday’s ethos is “dedicated to a cleaner future and continuously show this through our investment in our cleaner vehicles, technologically advanced sites and in training for our people. Through recycling and using residuals for energy, our services can help you to uphold a strong environmental policy.”

The Challenge

Due to Powerday’s high annual throughput and ever-increasing amounts of incoming waste, the plant did not have a backup option in case their existing baling and wrapping line got broken down or was going through maintenance.

This would have a massive impact on the company turnover and weekly contracts for exporting baled RDF could suffer if this occurred.

As well as needing a backup industrial shredder, bailer and wrapper, the issue of double handling of material between the buildings also had to be addressed.


It was decided that to prevent any obstruction occurring where the shredder, bailer and/or wrapper were not able to run, a secondary shredder, bailer and wrapper were to be installed in building 1.

The new system was also designed to eliminate double handling of material being fed from building 1 to building 2 to be baled and wrapped.

Whilst adding this machinery, it was vital to maintain the operation of both plants as normal as possible during the installation so the proposed new plant installation was split into phases so that 90% of the machinery could be installed without affecting production.

This was set to be done as quick as possible to have the minimum impact of delaying operations and because of Turmec’s well-executed ‘swap’ solution, Powerday’s plant only had to be shut down for 4 days.


Turmec’s system proved very successful soon after installation; it eliminated double handling of the materials as the process could run from start to finish in the one shed, rather than like previously, being transported from one shed to the other for wrapping and baling before being exported.

It also meant that if one of the sheds was to break down, the throughput would be affected but the processing would not have to be stopped as it would now be used as a backup.