Case Studies > ResourceCo – Alternate Fuels from Waste Materials


4,000 hrs per year
65 tonnes/hour
300,000 tonnes/year
7,200 m2 Footprint

Location: Eastern Creek
Project Type:

ResourceCo, based in Eastern Creek, has 8 different locations across Australia, Asia and Tasmania, what makes them one of the country’s largest recycling businesses, accepting and processing over two million tonnes of waste per year.
“A core component of our business is in the production of Alternate Fuels from waste materials, which we see as incredibly important not just for our future but the planet’s as well. ResourceCo is committed to conserving and re-using our natural resources, and our aim is always to protect and enhance the unique natural environments in which we operate.”

The Challenge

Turmec’s challenge for this project was to manufacture a 65 tonnes per hour processing plant, that creates Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) from C&D and C&I waste and separates the waste into clean segregated fractions.


Turmec was able to provide the client with a bespoke solution, offering the system, as well as building the plant from start to finish.

Each hour, 65 tonnes of recycles material go through the ResourceCo’s plant and the end products are:

  • Ferrous Metals
  • 0 – 9mm fines
  • 10 – 60mm aggregate stone
  • Hardcore
  • Timber
  • RDF
  • PEF
  • Wood-based/ biomass PEF

The timber is either discharged onto the floor or it goes through a secondary industrial shredder to create a separate biomass fuel, resulting in 2 different fuel outputs.


ResouceCo’s new system was installed within the estimated time and budget. The installation of the Eastern Creek plant resulted in an increase in the company’s revenue, its expansion and growth; and as they now process their own waste, they can get more contracts, clients and work through more tonnage.

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