Case Studies > Powerday – Main Facility


Type: C&D/ C&I - SRF
6,800 hrs p.a.
500,000 tonnes p.a.
75 tonnes
Footprint: 4,400 m2

Location: West London
Project Type: 

Powerday, based in 3 locations in London – Willesden, Brixton and Enfield – is the leading waste management company for London, combining the latest technology, with over 30 years of experience as a family run business.

Powerday provides a broad range of services, including Recycling & Transfer Stations, Construction Waste Recycling and Demolition Waste Recycling, to name a few.

The Challenge

Over the years, the regulations in the recycling industry had changed which meant the fines from the Powerday plant would have to be processed further and for the company to be able to meet new regulations, they would have to upgrade the plant.

For the shed to be able to fit the new system, the layout needed to be improved; the machinery also needed to be made more compact in the factory as there wasn’t much space to spare. Some of the machines were due to be replaced, whilst some were to be reused, such as the industrial shredder and trommel.


For this project, Turmec was given a 10-week window to completion.

The machinery was rearranged in a more compact layout in order to create a more efficient system and, whilst the upgrade was being installed, nothing was turned away to the landfill, as parts of the plant were kept processing materials.


After the upgrade, the Powerday plant was able to process material more efficiently as it made the plant completely self-sufficient, meaning the materials would not have to be processed again and would be ready for export coming out of the plant.

The upgrade eliminated double handling of the materials, reduced the number of pickers, and meant that the recovered products were now of a much higher quality.